When you can finally stand back & admire a project well done

That giddy feeling when hiring your first employee

Basking in the calm after a long day

Our mission is a simple one:

Create these small moments of revelry for others, by sharing what we're good at with the world

Others serve this purpose through designing, creating, building or improving; be it making the latest tech gadget or serving a bustling community.

As for me and my house, we will account for it all.

And better than it’s ever been accounted before.

We are not just number crunchers; we bring decades of experience & a fresh approach to every client partnership we commit to. We are passionate about helping to uncover the story hidden within your numbers. This is what fuels us to provide consistent, exceptional bookkeeping & financial analysis everyday.

Meet The Team

Tarrah Adam - About Page Headshot

Tarrah Adam

Controller / Owner

Tarrah was first introduced to accounting in middle school - helping enter payroll and A/P data for a family friend's construction business. Those summers sparked a lifelong passion for numbers.

As her career as evolved, her passion has too - Tarrah revels most now in using her expertise in numbers to uplift small businesses & nonprofit organizations, particularly those operated by and/or serving historically underserved communities (Women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and more).

When not geeking out over spreadsheets, you can find her outdoors with her dog Bella or at home binging the latest stand-up specials with her daughter, Mikah.

"I’m all about cozy, comedy and community!"


Keren Stanton

Assistant Controller

Keren joined the team in 2021, bringing 20 years of experience in small business bookkeeping with her. She is an Earth-loving, nomad soul with a head for business and a heart for humanity.

Although Keren was raised 30 miles out to sea - way up in the tippy-top corner of the Northeast - she has always felt more at home in the mountains. She frequents them often as an avid hiker, aspiring to leave no trail unexplored.

In addition to tea parties with trees in her leisure time, Keren also revels in the company of cats; particularly her own furbabies, Luka & Oliver.

"I'm known to wear a crown, on any old day. I’m very proud of who I am and the magic I bring with me."


Mikah Garcia

Staff Accountant

Mikah started working with Tarrah in 2019, while still in high school.  Like mother, like daughter, as they say!

In her own words, she considers herself an 'easy-going dreamer'.  She is passionate about humanitarian efforts, social justice and animals.

Mikah is an art major at PSU, hoping to become a college art professor herself one day. While she enjoys the art of accounting for now, she has a myriad of creative outlets that occupy her free time, that she revels in even more - painting, photography, sculpture and writing, to name a few.

"I'm known to wear a crown, on any old day. I’m very proud of who I am and the magic I bring with me."

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